I Will Ideas for Your Way Any Day

30 Aug 2021

This September, we invite you to embrace Connor's Run Your Way Any Day with your own I WILL affirmation - just like Connor did during his yoga therapy class. His was 'I WILL be Awesome' - yours can be anything.

Take on a challenge of any kind: run, walk, roll, hop, skip, jump or dance. Do it once, or do it every day... just do it your way! All that we ask is that you make it awesome

Don't worry, we have made a list of all the different kinds of challenges you could do this September. But feel free to create your own I Will!

Relate it to 9.6 (Connor's Birthday) or 18.8 (Connor's age when he passed away):

I will swim 18.8km in the month of September
I will cycle 96km in September
I will take 9,600 steps every day of September
I will bake 96 cupcakes in September
I will watch only 96min netflix each week

Set yourself an every day challenge:

I will do a good deed every day
I will dance for 9.6 minutes every day
I will do 18.8min of yoga each day of September
I will spend 18.8 mins every day playing with Lego
I will take a picture every day of September
I will watch the sunset every night in September
I will spend 18.8 mins every day learning a new language
I will check in with my friends every day
I will be grateful every day in September
I will give my daily walks purpose

Calendar Challenges are always fun:

Squat/Push-up/Sit-up: Day 1- 3 reps, Day 30 - 90 reps
Add 100m to your walk each day

Focus on your FUNdraising:

I will try and FUNdraise $500 in September
I will ask for donations every week in September

Other fun ideas:

I will learn a new magic trick
I will learn how to juggle
I will complete a puzzle each week of September
I will handwrite and mail letters to 18 people
I will try a completely new recipe each week of September