Run Your Way Any Day

September 2022

make brains matter

This September, we invite you to embrace Connor's Run Your Way Any Day with your own I WILL affirmation - just like Connor did during his yoga therapy class. His was 'I WILL be Awesome' - yours can be anything.

Take on a challenge of any kind: run, walk, roll, hop, skip, jump or dance. Do it once, or do it every day... just do it your way! All that we ask is that you make it awesome.



You might like to stick to the traditional distances of 18.8km or 9.6km from the bay to the boatsheds, or discover a completely new path in your local area. Be sure to check out our our Connor's Run training club on Strava and join the fun!


Make an impact without leaving the house! Dust off your home gym equipment and complete a home workout challenge, or shave off your lockdown locks for a great cause.


Celebrate your brain with a mindfulness challenge! Practice daily meditation, yoga, or take on a new creative hobby like knitting or painting.


Set yourself a month-long challenge! Step 1: Choose your activity (run, walk, read, push-up). Step 2: Set your time/distance/reps. For example: Walk 10,000 steps per day, cycle 9.6km each week, read 1 book per week, climb 18 flights per day. The choice is yours!

Need ideas?

Here's how some of our awesome participants are FUNdraising for brain matters:

'I will... swim 18.8km in the month of September'
'I will... do a good deed every day'
'I will... do 18.8min of yoga each day'
'I will... take a picture every day in September'
'I will... do 96 chin-ups in the month of September'
'I will... walk >9,600 steps every day'
'I will... train to run 18.8km by the end of September'
'I will... climb the 7 summits of Mount Everest from my living room'
'I will... walk down every single street within a 5km radius of my home'
'I will... get my skates back on'
'I will... go screen-free every Saturday in September'
'I will... read 1 book every week'

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