Fundraising Tips

How to fundraise
like a champ

Fundraising has always been an important part of Connor’s Run and this year is no exception. We need your support to help us change the odds for young people with brain cancer. By signing up for Connor’s Run you have made the first step, now we are here to help you make your FUNdraising efforts even more fun than run!

All you need to do is share with your friends, colleagues and family why you decided to take part. They’ll get right behind you because they’ll be proud that you want to make a difference for the #1 disease killer of kids. 

This is where your I Will commitment comes in handy...let them know what you are doing in the month of September and ask for their support by donating to your page.


Write on your page why you’re taking part in Connor’s Run. Making your story personable will help your friends, colleagues and family understand why they should get behind you.


If you don’t feel comfortable asking for a donation, that's ok. You can also just share your training or your excitement for taking part in the lead up to the event. Encourage as many of your friends as you can to join you by signing up to Connor’s Run.


The thing with brain matters is, every bit of funding makes an impact. So you don’t need to set a gigantic goal. Decide on something you feel is fun and motivating to reach. Maybe you'd love a Champ Bandana ($500), or a green tee ($1000). When you’ve reached that, you can decide whether you want to increase it further.


Be the first to donate to your page. "I did it, you can too" is a powerful motivator for others to throw their support behind you.

Putting  heart  and  brains  into fundraising

The Polo Boys

The guys challenged their friends to donate to see them in matching speedos & fake tan. 8 years running they've raised funds... and eyebrows.

$20,000+ raised!

64 Holes of Golf

Dave Harris' global event is 64 holes of golf. Friends donated a buck or two per hole. For the past eight years, Dave's been one of our top fundraisers.

$100,000+ raised!

Be a champ,

We have some great perks that make the warm-fuzzy-feeling of supporting brain matters oh-so-much better. Need help to get started? We've got that too.

Tips to fundraise like a champ

Log-in to your fundraising page

Tips to fundraise
like a champ

Log-in to your
fundraising page

Recieve first donation
Customise your page
Raise $500 to get the limited edition Bandana
Green tee & VIF tent entry 
Raise $1000 and get a Green Champ Tee
Orange Champ Tee
Raise $2500 and get an orange Champ tee
Red Champ Tee
Raise $5000 and look ravishing in red for Connor's Run day.
Super Cape
Hit the magic $10000 mark and get a special Champ cape and tee.
Goal Reached
Reach your target
5 for 5 Fortis
Participate 5 times or more