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Year after year it is our incredible volunteers that help to make Connor’s Run such a success.
We would love you to join us by bringing your enthusiasm and energy to our 12th Connor's Run on Sunday 15th September.

Volunteer sign ups are now open, and there are a range of ways you can help get involved! 


How You Can

  • Pre-event including merchandise stalls, letter drops and t-shirt delivery
  • Start 1 & 2 help participants sign in, set up and clear up 
  • Run Course cheer on participants and keep them on track
  • Entertainment love dressing up and having fun? Dress up as a Hug Bear to high 5 our participants or as a Lolly Lover handing out much needed lollies! Love to move? Boogie in the dance zone or join our hopscotch helpers
  • Finish & Party cheer on participants as they cross the finish line and feed them, we also need help with clear up

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a course Volunteer at Connor’s Run?

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The role of a Volunteer at Connor’s Run is to primarily ensure the safety of the participants on course, pointing them in the right direction whilst offering lots of enthusiastic support as they go in the form of Hi 5’s, cheers, applause, whistles, clappers etc – giving as much noisy encouragement as possible.

Connor’s Run is a true celebration!

Do I need a current first aid/CPR certificate to volunteer?

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No this is not a requirement. We do however ask you to familiarise yourself with our safety briefing that will be sent out to you prior to the event

Can I choose the location and type of help I can give on the course?

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Yes. By clicking on the "Volunteer now" button you will be directed to our sign-up page. You can view and select the position you would like to help in from any of the roles listed.

How long will I need to be there on the day?

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This depends on the position you choose. We need people throughout the day for the various roles. These can vary from 1 – 4 hours.

Do I need to bring food and water with me?

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We supply all volunteers with a bottle of water and a muesli bar, but you are welcome to bring other food and refreshments

Will there be access to toilets?

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You will be provided with a list of public toilets on the course in your pre-event briefing information.

Is there a minimum age for volunteers?

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All volunteers must be 15 years or older unless accompanied by an adult.

What do I wear on the day?

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We provide you with a Volunteer T- shirt (which must be worn so you are clearly visible to the participants) and a Connor’s Run cap.

Volunteer Course Map


"We have always volunteered for Connor's Run. Of all the events that bring like-minded people together, this is a community highlight. It is a joyful and meaningful day and everyone plays their part"

Anne & Bruce Beddoe

"We understand the benefit and value of research into such insidious diseases to improve outcomes for sufferers and feel a particular connection with RCD through our sons friendship with Connor."

Melissa Longbottom & Patricia Algeri

"We love being a part of and cheering on the community. It's great to see everyone having fun, joining the "indescribable vibe" that is Connor's Run."

Caroline & Maddy Stenniken

"It is rewarding and so much fun to encourage the smiley participants in this special community event for such a worthwhile cause."

Your way any day

There is no need to miss out participating in Connors Run if you are volunteering. Experience the best of both worlds by registering for Your Way Any Day.

You can still wear your yellow volunteer Tee on the day and receive your own grey participant Tee to exercise anywhere, any day in September.

If running isn’t your thing you can walk, ride or swim…

Just set yourself a challenge and find your inner awesomeness. 

As a thank you we are offering any volunteer a 50% discount on registration for Connor’s Run Your Way Any Day. Please contact info@connorsrun.com to receive your promo code.

We really appreciate all your help and simply couldn’t do it without you!