COVID-19 Update

19 Jul 2021

Lockdown can't keep us down! Connor's Run 2021, Sunday 12th September will still be going ahead. We believe we will be out of lockdown with plenty of time for us to still host the largest event for paediatric brain cancer.

We have strict safety protocols in place for everyone to attend the event. This includes QR Code check-ins, hand sanitizer at every stage of the course, high surface area cleaners, and many other elements encouraging people to still enjoy the event no matter our situation. Read more about our COVID Safe Plan and cancellation policy here.

Our amazing events team have been keeping a very close eye on all government regulations, so if there are any changes we will let you know as soon as possible. A copy of the most up to date COVID safe plan for Connor's Run will be provided pre-event, and can also be provided on request by email:

But why not also come up with a fun 'I Will' that you can do at home? Check out some of our suggestions below:

I Will "do 18.8min yoga every day in September"

I Will "bake 96 cupcakes throughout September"

I Will "do 96 skips on the skipping rope every day"