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Connor's run Zürich, switzerland

On Monday March 11, Connor's Run Volunteer Coordinator, Kim Yeoman along with her husband, John, organised the first-ever Connor's Run Zürich.  Because of the difficult terrain, it was more of a hike than a run! Well done to Kim and John for spreading the Connor's Run spirit all the way to Switzerland.  

RORY'S WARRIORS- The great ocean road running festival 

Gemma Berry's 5-year-old son Rory was diagnosed in May 2018 with a large tumor in his upper spinal cord and other tumors throughout his brain and spine. His case (Disseminated Glioneuronal Tumors) is extremely rare and one of only 200 know cases worldwide. It was whilst Rory was still in the hospital that Gemma wanted to complete a significant event to raise funds and awareness for Rory’s condition and the thousands of other children in his position. Gemma will compete in the Great Ocean Road Running Festival (18-19 May 2019). Rory's Warriors have already raised over $17,000, well done Gemma! 


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