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Connor's Run USA 

Are you based in the US and don't want to miss out on the Connor's Run fun? Do Connor's Run your way, whether that's a run/walk/swim/bike around the block or the full 18.8km (11.68 miles). Or if you'd prefer to make a big-hearted donation to the brain, that's ok too! All donations made in the US stay in the US, supporting our research and developments projects.


David Harris' Connor's Run USA 

Close Dawes family friend, David Harris will once again do Connor's Run his own way all the way over in the USA. Dave will attempt to play 63 holes of golf in a day while walking. As Connor’s Run is 18.8km - which translates roughly into 3.3 rounds of golf from the white tees at Oak Glen Golf Club in Stillwater. Dave has rounded up to 3.5 rounds, or 63 holes. (Actually, we learned in past years that 63 holes equates closer to 22 miles than 18.8km, but who’s counting!) All donated amounts are tax-deductible, and the proceeds will be used in the USA for research, care and development projects to aid children with brain tumors.


RORY'S WARRIOR games - june 2020 

Gemma Berry's 5-year-old son Rory was diagnosed in May 2018 with a large tumor in his upper spinal cord and other tumors throughout his brain and spine. His case (Disseminated Glioneuronal Tumors) is extremely rare and one of only 200 know cases worldwide. It was whilst Rory was still in the hospital that Gemma wanted to complete a significant event to raise funds and awareness for Rory’s condition and the thousands of other children in his position. 

Gemma is inviting you to channel your inner warrior, and test your mental and physical strength, in the Rory Warrior Games of 2020!