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I'm fundraising for brain matters!

We are doing Connor’s Run in honour of beautiful Georgia - The Chocolate Monster!  

Around 5 years ago we were given the devastating news that no parent ever wants to hear - "Georgia has a brain tumour" "It's inoperable" "We'll have to  give her some chemo to see if the tumour responds....."  It certainly sent our world into a spin....  

Georgia had ependymoma - the same cancer that Connor had.....  the best possible treatment is resection because we haven't found a less invasive cure yet..... There are so many parents who are told that their child's tumour cannot be removed - and sadly in most cases it takes their life.  We need to find more options for these kids.......

Thankfully, Georgia's neurosurgeon was able to operate and the tumour was completely resected.  We are forever grateful and we pray every day that the cancer does not return.  

But we are terribly sad for all of the children whose tumours can't be resected and who have no options to recover from this insidious disease.  We have to do better and we will.

We are so proud to be a part of the RCD Foundation to support the brave and awesome kids fighting brain cancer - the #1 disease killer of young people, and to fund the science that will one day end paediatric brain cancer. 

Please donate to our page - for all the kids out there currently battling brain tumours and to honour all of those beautiful kids who couldn’t wait for research to progress any longer.

Thanks so much 💞💞💞

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Thursday 1st Sep
10 Days to go and everyone has been so generous! Lets go Chocolate Monsters!

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From a very special and generous RCD Foundation supporter


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Matched Donation

From a very special and generous RCD Foundation supporter


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Well done Grant. Great to see Emerald Grain and our employees get behind this great cause.


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Good work Grant!


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Well done Grant, definitely a good cause. Glad to help.


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Keep going Grant


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Well done Grant for doing this…Never give up hope!


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Great cause mate. 👍🏼


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Only because Georgia is a gun!