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Who can participate? 

Anyone can register to join Connor's Run. You can register both adults and children. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult and must have parental or guardian approval. Infants and children under 5 travelling in prams ride for free. Unfortunately our tees don't cater for the little ones.

I don't think I can run that far, is this for me? 

You don't have to run. Connor's style was to go at his own pace - no rush. You can choose either 18.8 km or 9.6 km. If neither is for you, it would be a pleasure to welcome you to the after party.

When does the race start?

The 18.8 km trail starts at 8.00am on the Beachfront @ Small St, Hampton. For the 9.6 km, it's at the Catani Gardens in St Kilda at either 8.00am or 10.00am, depending which you choose.

How much does registration cost?

This year once again we have early bird pricing, tickets purchased before June 9 (Connor's Birthday) will cost $65 for Adults (19 yrs +) and $45 for Youth (18 & under). After the cut off date regular prices will be $75 for Adults (19 yrs +) and $55 for Youth (18 & under). All tickets are irrespective of distance and includes a participant bib and limited edition t-shirt. Food and refreshments can be purchased at the after party.

Why do we have a single youth registration price?

As part of your registration, you get the whole event experience AND a limited edition t-shirt. Awesome value we think. The costs involved in both are the same irrespective of a participant's age. To make it as affordable for families and school students, we have kept our Youth price as low as possible.

When can I register?

Registration is open until 5pm on the 1st of September or until sold out. Last year places sold out in July. Registrations will not be taken on race day. Please note, there are limited places to each start time (4500 places in total for Connor's Run 2019).

can I still register someone to join me after registrations close?

Unfortunately, when the event is sold out, it’s sold out. We limit numbers as we work with 3 councils to ensure a safe and fun Connor’s Run.

What is the corporate challenge And How do i get involved?

The Corporate Challenge is our incredible competition between teams of 5 or more who battle it out to raise funds and to best do Connor's Run in "More Fun Than Run" style. Being part of the challenge has its perks. Apart from bragging rights, we create a personalised team bib and all the help you might need in raising funds (like merchandise to sell and posters to market yourselves). 

Getting involved is super easy. Just shoot us an email leonie@rcdfoundation.org and we'll get you up and running, literally.

Is there a special registration fee if I’m from the brain cancer community?

Yes indeed. Connor’s Run is all about coming together. Contact us leonie@rcdfoundation.org once registrations open and we can sort out your registration.

Can I get a refund?

Sorry but unfortunately no. When you register you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our event. Payment corrections can be made where a user has input the wrong information, but due to how funds are paid forward and accounted for, there can be a fee involved. In some cases, it may not even be possible. So if you have entered something incorrectly and need a correction, contact us as soon as possible.

I can’t run anymore, can I swap my rego with someone else?

Yes you can give your spot at Connor's Run to someone else. They will just need to pick up your registration kit at pre-collection or at the start time and location you registered for. Unfortunately we won't be able to swap the t-shirt size you selected.

How do I login to my Connor's Run?

Everyone who has registered for Connor's Run has an account created for them. If you were registered by someone else, you would have received an email with a link to create your own password. 

If you can't find that email, use the create account feature on the login page. If you were registered by someone else and they didn't use your email, you will need to ask them to login in to their page to help you edit your registration or fundraising information.

How can I order Connor's Run merchandise?

If you are participating in Connor's Run, you can purchase merchandise during your registration or afterwards by logging in to your account and adding more products to your order. These will be added to your registration kit and will be ready for collection the week prior to the event. 

If you are NOT participating in Connor's Run, you can still purchase Connor's Run products via our RCD store . The Connor's Run Tees won't be shipped until mid-September.

I need to change my distance. How do I do that?

No problem. Log-in to your Connor’s Run account, and update your start time or distance. Unfortunately you won't be able to change your start time or distance if that time or distance is already sold out. 

I'd like to change my T-shirt size.

You are able to change the size you ordered up until 1st June. Then we order our stock and start printing. To reduce waste, we order based on what you have chosen. Connor's Run tees are limited edition and we order and print just enough for the registration batch.

I can’t remember what tee size I ordered or if I ordered extra gear, help?

Log-in to your Connor’s Run account, to review what you’ve ordered. You can buy additional goods if you wish.

How do I get my registration kit (bib & tee)?

Your run tee, bib and any merch you may have bought will be available for pre-collection the week before Connor's Run. View pre-collection locations and times.

You can also pick up your kit on the day at the start time and location you registered for, however we recommend picking it up at pre-collection to save time and get yourself a sleep in before the race! 

Can I get my friends to sponsor my participation in Connor's Run?

Yes you can. You can set it all up using connorsrun.com. You can get started with tips and ideas here. Thanks for your support and rallying your friends behind our foundation.

Where do I park my car and how can I get back to it?

18.8km parking suggestion – ticketed parking at Trevor Barker Beach Oval Parking, beside Sandringham Football Club.

9.6km parking suggestion – ticketed street parking along Beaconsfield Parade or paid parking behind Prince Hotel on Jackson St.

If you've parked at one of the race starts we recommend taking public transport to get back to your car. Our after party is just a short walk from Flinders St Station, so you can easily get back to where you started. To get back to Catani Gardens take tram 3a or 16 from Flinders St to stop 135: Jacka Blvd & Fitzroy St. To get back to Hampton Foreshore, take the Sandringham line to Hampton Station.

How do I volunteer for the event?

Every year, we get hundreds of emails praising how absolutely incredibly awesome our volunteers are. And we couldn’t agree more. If you’d like to be part of making Connor’s Run the very special event it is please register here. You can even select which job you'd like to volunteer for, and all positions need 2+ so register with friends and spend the day hanging out! 

What do I do with my bags on the day?

It's best to minimise how many belongings you bring with you. Belongings brought along can be left in the 'Bag Check' and they will be taken to the finish line on the Yarra. Please do not leave valuables in your bags. We do our best to care for your belongings but we don't accept responsibility for lost or damaged goods. Please note, this year due to council regulations, single-use plastic bags are not permitted. 

Should I bring water for the event?

Equip yourself how you usually would for a walk or run. Take water or snacks if that's what you do. There will be water stations every few kilometres and great food on sale at the after party.

Can we bring pets?

While pets are allowed on the trail, we recommend you leave them at home as they cannot be accommodated at the after party BBQ.

Our family includes a new addition, can we take prams & strollers?

Of course, not an issue. You WON'T need a ticket for the little one. Just keep in mind that your stroller might be an obstruction to more serious runners at the start line. For safety reasons, we ask that you start the event a few minutes after the others.

Can I just attend the BBQ after party?

For sure. You're welcome from 8.30am and it's a good idea to coordinate with your walking/running friends to work out when they expect to arrive at the finish. There will be music and activities as well as a healthy BBQ.

I took some great photos, what should I do with them?

Tag your photos on Instagram with @rcdfoundation and #aeternumfortis #connorsrun. If you're not on Instagram, email us your photos and you might get famous and end up on next year's run website.

What happens in the event of bad weather or other unexpected event?

We plan to persevere, irrespective of rain. In the very unlikely circumstance that the event must be cancelled, say due to a biblical hurricane, a cancellation email will be sent out and we will update our Facebook page with details. No refunds will be provided in this highly unlikely event. So far we're 6 for 6 for beautiful days in September.

What’s the song in this year’s video?

We've continued the tradition of great tunes in our promo videos. 

What is the Fortis 5 club and how do I join?

The Fortis 5 is a special club for Connor's Run veterans who have participated in the run five or more times. Fortis 5 members receive a special version of the Connor's Run tee, a badge of honour for supporting young people facing brain cancer for 5+ years. During registration, you can select how many Connor's Run you've been a part of and if you qualify for Fortis 5 we'll have your limited-edition tee waiting for you at rego pick up.  

Still have a question?

Get in touch via email and we'll do our best to help you.

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Connor’s Run is the brainchild of the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation. It supports the foundation’s brain matters projects with the goal of changing the odds for young people facing brain cancer, the #1 cancer killer of young Australians.