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Why is connor's run a bit different this year?

As you know, the world has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and changed the way we congregate and move around for the time being. We cannot be sure that in September we will be able to run as a group, so we have planned for a different kind of run right from the outset. If circumstances change, we will adapt as best we can, but for now we must go it alone!

what does connor's run your way look like?

Connor’s Run Your Way is the opportunity for you to support the RCD Foundation in your own way. There is no limit to the possibilities - you can run, walk, hop, skip or jump your own distance all throughout the month of September. Do it once, or do it everyday. Do it Your Way!

Why is Connor’s Run happening all throughout September rather than on one day like previous years?

As you know, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we congregate and move around for the time being. The RCD Foundation has a responsibility to support these changes by not setting a single day for people to participate in the Run to ensure our participants are not congregating or moving together. So let’s go it alone!

when can i register?

Registrations open on 23rd April, 2020. This year, we have no limit to the number of people who register, but we do have a cut off on being able to provide you with a Connor’s Run Tee. We highly recommend you register before 9th June to guarantee your Tee.

how much does connor's run your way cost?

This year we again have early bird pricing. Tickets purchased by 9th June cost $50 for adults (aged 19+) and $30 for Youth (aged 18 and under). After 9 June ticket prices are $55 for adults and $35 for Youth. The ticket prices does include a limited edition Connor’s Run Tee. Postage and handling for the Tee is $10 for a single registration and $15 for a group of up to six people. 

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate! Wherever you are in the world and in any way you choose. And this year you have the whole month of September to do it. Even better, for the first time, your pets can join in.

How do I get my Tee this year?

Your Tee will be posted to you in late August. We will ask for your postal address when you register. You must register before 15 July to guarantee your Tee. There will be no rego pick up this year as in past years. Next year we expect to return to our normal rego pick up.

Will I definitely get a Tee?

If you register before 9 June, 2020, we will order your Tee from our offshore supplier. We can guarantee you will receive these before the start of September. After 9 June, we will be ordering Tees from our local supplier. As long as you register by the 15th July we are confident of getting you your Tee by the start of September but can guarantee you will get your Tee by the end of September.

can i change my tee size?

You are able to change the size you ordered up until 9th June. Then we order our stock and start printing. To reduce waste, we order based on what you have chosen. Connor's Run tees are limited edition and we order and print just enough for the registration batch.

How can I get my bib?

You can download your 2020 Virtual Connor’s Run Bib here. Once downloaded you can personalise your I Will…. And print it at home. It’s a bit different from previous years, but just as FUN! We will be producing custom bibs for teams of 10 or more who have collectively FUNdraised more than $1,000 by 31st July.

can i purchase merchandise?

Yes, of course! This year we have socks and caps to buy at the time you register. Much more merchandise is available at our RCD store

How do I login to my Connor's Run?

Everyone who has registered for Connor's Run has an account created for them. If you were registered by someone else, you would have received an email with a link to create your own password. 

If you can't find that email, use the create account feature on the login page. If you were registered by someone else and they didn't use your email, you will need to ask them to login in to their page to help you edit your registration or fundraising information.

What is the Corporate Challenge and how do I get my workplace involved?

The Corporate Challenge is our incredible competition between teams of 10 or more who battle it out to raise vital funds for paediatric brain cancer and do Connor’s Run ‘more fun than run, style’. This year our corporates will be getting even more creative with their FUNdraising efforts. 

Getting involved is super easy. Just shoot us an email leonie@rcdfoundation.org and we'll get you up and running, literally.

what is the schools' challenge and how do i get my school involved?

The Schools’ Challenge is our incredible competition between teams of 10 or more who battle it out to raise vital funds and do Connor’s Run ‘more fun than run, style’. This year our schools will be getting even more creative with their FUNdraising efforts. Getting involved is super easy, just shoot us an email at leonie@rcdfoundation.org and we will get you up and running, quite literally. Check out our Schools team page here.

can i get my friends to sponsor me?

Yes you can. You can set it all up using connorsrun.com. You can get started with tips and ideas here. Thanks for your support and rallying your friends behind our foundation.

I have taken some great photos of my Run. What should I do with them?

Tag your photos on Instagram with @rcdfoundation and #aeternumfortis #connorsrun. If you're not on Instagram, email us your photos and you might get famous and end up on next year's run website.

I don’t want to do Connor’s Run but I want to support the RCD Foundation

That’s absolutely fine. You can support the Foundation by donating to someone who is participating in 2020 Connor’s Run or by donating to the Foundation directly.

Can i get a refund?

Sorry but unfortunately no. When you register you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our event. Payment corrections can be made where a user has input the wrong information, but due to how funds are paid forward and accounted for, there can be a fee involved. In some cases, it may not even be possible. So if you have entered something incorrectly and need a correction, contact us as soon as possible.

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