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About team CRAIG's CRANIUM. In March 2016 Craig had a seizure. That Seizure lead to a diagnosis of Brain Cancer. His two kids at that stage were 4yo and almost 1yo. Everyone pulled together and braced for an epic battle. In July 2017 after 1 surgery, 30 radiation treatments and 9months of chemo it was time to celebrate. 415 days had been spent ‘treating’ this incurable disease and the Dr’s declared it was too dangerous to continue with chemo. Scans at the end of July 2017 showed the bastard tumour was stable! In fact much to the docs surprise even a bit narrower! No new growth. Craig would never be free from Brain Cancer but at least it was put it in its place for hopefully a long time! Everyone knew another timer starts...the wait (hopefully for a very long time) until this bastard thing makes a comeback. Sadly in May 2018 Craig’s bastard tumour has recurred. This time it’s a Grade 4 (GBM). Inoperable. Now it’s about making the most and enjoying what time everyone still has with Craig. His boys are now 6 and 3 and it’s absolutely heartbreaking knowing what’s ahead. Funds raised by supporting Craig’s Cranium team will go towards RESEARCH for brain cancer. We're doing Connor’s Run to celebrate Craig and to have a great time with friends while supporting a great cause. But we need your help to get serious about the celebration. We'd love your support with a donation to our page and together we can support brain matters.

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Brain Matters

Funds raised go toward the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation’s Brain Matters projects. Our main focus is the world-leading AIM BRAIN PROJECT, an Australian first in personalised diagnosis that improves treatment for young people battling brain cancer.

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The Robert Connor Dawes (RCD) Foundation - In memory of Robert Connor Dawes. We support brain matters in the areas of Research, Care and Development to change the odds in beating brain cancer, the #1 cancer killer of young Australians.

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