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We're doing Connor’s Run to fund the science that will end paediatric brain cancer. The last twenty years has seen minimal progress for brain cancer diagnosis and treatments. Fundraising from our Connor’s Run will fund the research to improve early detection, diagnosis and treatment options, including funding the AIM BRAIN Project and immunotherapy research. Brain cancer research is on the tipping point. We can all be part of making important breakthroughs happen. Our participation is something that we can do to support the science and in the meantime the patients. For all the people out there currently battling brain tumours and for those who couldn’t wait for research to progress any longer. We're doing this because we know we can find a way to make brain tumours go the way of the dinosaurs. Make a donation to our page and be part of making brains matter.

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Brain Matters

Funds raised go toward the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation’s Brain Matters projects. Our main focus is the world-leading AIM BRAIN PROJECT, an Australian first in personalised diagnosis that improves treatment for young people battling brain cancer.

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The Robert Connor Dawes (RCD) Foundation - In memory of Robert Connor Dawes. We support brain matters in the areas of Research, Care and Development to change the odds in beating brain cancer, the #1 cancer killer of young Australians.



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