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My target 200 kms

I will I will allow time for life!

I'm fundraising for brain matters!

I’m doing Connor’s Run to support the brave and awesome kids fighting brain cancer - the #1 disease killer of young people, and to fund the science that will one day end paediatric brain cancer. 

Brain cancer research is on the tipping point. We can all be part of making important breakthroughs happen. My participation is something that I can do to support the science and in the meantime the patients. For all the people out there currently battling brain tumours and for those who couldn’t wait for research to progress any longer.

I’m doing this because I know we can find a way to make brain cancer go the way of the dinosaurs. Make a donation to my page and be part of making brains matter, together we can change the odds for young people.

My Updates

4 weeks to go!!

Monday 15th Aug
I've been a bit slack with the updates but there's only 4 weeks to go so I'm ramping up the running! Got myself a new pair of kicks as the old ones are almost at their limits! Maybe they will help me run faster! 

Training and raining

Sunday 24th Jul
With two weeks on holiday in QLD, I still managed to squeeze in a few runs to build up my strength and fitness. Almost back to being able to run 5km non-stop.
Another run on a rainy cold morning back in Melbourne. 
Canberra camp next week so no running until next weekend. Only 39 days to go!! Help me reach my target!

Here we go again!

Wednesday 22nd Jun
In 2021, I joined Connor's Run, with the aim to make the 18.8km full route along the bay. Unfortunately, COVID got in the way, and the run was cancelled. Instead, participants did it 'our' way and I chose to run 100km in September. It was a big effort, particularly towards the end but I did it, and reached my fundraising goal of $1000.

This year, I have the same goal: to make the 18.8km distance, with a mixture of running and walking. This time, I'd like to see if I can raise $1500!!

I've created a Brighton Grammar Junior School team and hope to have a few of us BGS JS runners in it!

With only 71 days to go, there's a lot of trianing involved as I have had a 2 month hiatus from running after contracting COVID in May.

Let's go!

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Great effort again this year Sarah ❤️😊


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From a very special and generous RCD Foundation supporter


Jacob Hayward

Awesome cause! Keep it up Sarah!


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Onya Sarah! Excellent work 👏


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