Jeremy Teen

I will do a different upside down shape every day!

I am standing on my hands every day in September to raise funds for brain matters! Scroll down to see my daily shapes!

I’m doing Connor’s Run to support the brave and awesome kids fighting brain cancer - the #1 disease killer of young people, and to fund the science that will one day end paediatric brain cancer. 

Brain cancer research is on the tipping point. We can all be part of making important breakthroughs happen. My participation is something that I can do to support the science and in the meantime the patients. For all the people out there currently battling brain tumours and for those who couldn’t wait for research to progress any longer.

I’m doing this because I know we can find a way to make brain cancer go the way of the dinosaurs. Make a donation to my page and be part of making brains matter, together we can change the odds for young people.

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My Updates

Day 30: Endurance Hold

Thursday 30th Sep
It's the last day and I thought it would be nice to finish with a classic straight handstand endurance hold. I held this for 75 seconds today, my longest hold ever! Couldn't have asked for a better last day ✌️

Day 29: Twisted Handstand

Wednesday 29th Sep
An interesting shape that feels quite similar to the flag, but instead of squeezing the oblique on one side, it's twisting at the hips. This is still a fairly new shape to me that I need to practice more.

Day 28: Press to Handstand

Tuesday 28th Sep
The press to handstand is a way of entering a handstand without the help of momentum like jump and kickup entries. Instead it works by shifting weight onto the hands and then using core compression to lift the legs up. The more flexible you are and the more compression strength you have, the easier it is to execute this entry.

Day 27: Uneven Handstand

Tuesday 28th Sep
Balancing on uneven heights was a lot harder than it looks. A lot more strength is required on the lower arm and it almost feels like balancing using just one arm. Which is why this is sometimes also called the assisted one arm handstand.

Day 26: Leg Coordination

Sunday 26th Sep
Not really a shape but more of a skill, to move and coordinate each leg to be in a different shape. Extremely challenging for someone who is usually badly coordinated like me!

Day 25: Zombie Press

Saturday 25th Sep
This is called a zombie press because you start by laying belly down like a zombie, then you drag yourself up like a zombie, and finally you press into handstand not like a zombie I guess 🧟‍♂️

Day 24: Split Flag

Friday 24th Sep
This is a new shape that I experimented with today and it was harder than yesterday's tuck flag. This would look way prettier if done by someone more flexible and better at flagging than me.

Day 23: Tuck Flag

Thursday 23rd Sep
This is the hardest flag shape that I've ever attempted. Having the legs tucked together makes this shape a lot heavier than the straddle flag from yesterday 🥵

Day 22: Straddle Flag

Thursday 23rd Sep
A handstand flag or side-bend, is achieved by squeezing your obliques on one side to bring the leg on that side close to the ground. Here I did it in a straddle but it can also be done in many other shapes. Flagging is a skill that is necessary to achieve the one arm handstand, which in the distant future I may attempt to learn.

Day 21: Eccentric stalder press

Tuesday 21st Sep
This is the eccentric version of the stalder press, which is a transition from a handstand into a straddle L-sit. The concentric version is the reverse of that and is something I hope to achieve one day.

Day 20: Scorpion

Monday 20th Sep
Although this backbending shape looks very much like the hollowbacks I did the past several days, it's an entirely different pattern with a very different technique and balance. While the hollowback primarily focuses on opening the shoulders to create the back arch, the shoulders close in the scorpion and the back arch relies more on back flexibility. One way to tell the difference between the 2 is by tracing the shape from hands to toes - the line is a continuous curve in a hollowback but in a scorpion the curve breaks at the shoulders. But you can pretty much do all the hollowback shapes in the scorpion as well. I won't do that though, as I'm not great at the scorpion. Today was my only scorpion day for the month but I practiced it in 2 shapes: the stag scorpion and the "traditional" scorpion. 🦂

Day 19: Mexican Handstand

Sunday 19th Sep
Apparently no one knows why it's called a Mexican handstand, but this is the ultimate hollowback shape and also the most difficult. This was my best attempt and it's actually considered a rather weak Mexican handstand. When I someday get my legs to a 90° angle, that's when it's considered an ok Mexican. The good ones go beyond 90° and the very good ones have their feet nearly touching the ground! 😱

Day 18: Bow & Arrow

Saturday 18th Sep
This hollowback shape actually has a proper name instead of just "hollowback something". This is called the Bow & Arrow 🏹 although it's sometimes also called a half-Mexican, which you will see why when I attempt the full Mexican tomorrow.

Day 17: Pretty hollowback

Friday 17th Sep
I'm actually not sure what this hollowback shape is called, but when I first saw it I thought "damn this has to be the prettiest hollowback shape!" I'm not very good at it but when done by a pro looks a lot prettier 🤩

Day 16: Hollowback Straddle

Thursday 16th Sep
Mental cues when I'm hollowbacking: 1. Keep shoulders elevated at all times 2. Maintain weight at heel of palms 3. Lead with shoulders 4. Do not strain neck

Day 15: Hollowback Stag

Wednesday 15th Sep
While I find the regular stag fairly boring, I find the hollowback stag very fun and exciting!

Day 14: Hollowback Tuck

Tuesday 14th Sep
I find this to be one of the easiest and most stable hollowback shapes to balance.

Day 13: Hollowback

Monday 13th Sep
The hollowback is a handstand with an arched back that is being balanced by extra open shoulders and chest pushing in the other direction. The one I'm doing here is (I think) the "regular" hollowback, but you can perform the hollowback in many shapes. I will be posting a different hollowback shape everyday for the next several days.

Day 12: Wrist Tap

Sunday 12th Sep
A wrist tap, also called a toe tap, is where you get your feet to hover off the ground, and most like to then get their toes and wrists to connect for maximum compression. This is actually more of a drill than a handstand shape, and it's a very helpful drill for the press to handstand (a way to enter a handstand without the help of momentum). What keeps the feet hovering in the air is actually core compression and shoulder strength - 2 very important elements for pressing into handstand.

Day 11: Gaze Shift

Saturday 11th Sep
In handstands, there are 3 head positions: #1 is looking at the ground and is the easiest. #2 is looking ahead and is a challenge even for seasoned handstanders. Needless to say #3, which is looking up at the ceiling, is the hardest of them all. Any head position other than #1 is considered a gaze-shifted handstand. Even though I can hold a handstand in #1 for 50-60 seconds, I can barely hold one in #2 (like in the photo above) for more than 15 seconds. I can't hold a #3 at all right now, but perhaps next year 🤞

Day 10: Half Pike

Friday 10th Sep
This is a fairly difficult shape. But it's half as difficult as the pike from day 7.

Day 9: Frog

Thursday 9th Sep
This is how a handstanding frog would look like 🐸

Day 8: Tree

Wednesday 8th Sep
Yup, that's supposed to look like a tree 🌲

Day 7: Pike (which looks like the no. 7)

Tuesday 7th Sep
Day 7. The pike is the closest shape I can hold that resembles the number 7. But there is another shape that more closely resembles the number 7: the aptly named 7-shape handstand, which is a pike with a hollowback. But that shape is way beyond my current abilities so the pike is the best I got right now.

Day 6: Stag

Monday 6th Sep
I believe the name refers to the staggered position of this shape and not a male deer...but I could be wrong!

Day 5: Diamond

Sunday 5th Sep
The diamond shape, like the actual precious stone, is very stable and one of the easiest handstand shapes to balance. It is also the only diamond I possess 💎🙃

Day 4: L

Saturday 4th Sep
The L shape really helped me learn to catch a kickup into handstand and get over my fear of falling when I first started. If I had to pick one thing that helped me the most in moving away from the wall, it would be this shape.

Day 3: Tuck

Friday 3rd Sep
The tuck! The first entry and also the first shape I was able to balance in! But I kinda suck at the tuck now 😕

Day 2: Straight

Thursday 2nd Sep
Straight handstand - struggle to hold this for more than 40s these days. Hopefully by the end of September it will be back to 50-60s.

Day 1: Straddle

Thursday 2nd Sep
Straddle handstand - my current most reliable and go-to shape.

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Hari Veluchamy

Awesome work Jeremy. I am going to try to replicate at least 2 of them :)


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Well done on raising funds for this amazing cause! I've enjoyed seeing your daily handstand shapes an learning more about the different types of handstands.


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I didn't realise handstands could be so fancy!


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Nice one Jeremy, wonderful cause! Keep it up 👍


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Good to see you’re handstanding for a good cause. Your progress is impressive too 😊


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Happy birthday Jeremy!



Keep up the good work!


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Good on you, JT!



Well done!



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Jeremy Teen


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