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Can you believe the 7th annual Connor’s Run is here. For many of us, it’s a bittersweet feeling. It’s hard to believe Connor has been gone seven years. We miss him like crazy, but find comfort in knowing he’d be extremely proud.

If Connor knew all that his friends, family and total strangers had achieved for kids facing brain cancer he’d have one word – awesome.

That’s exactly what you are. The last six Connor’s Runs have raised over $3 million for paediatric brain cancer – the #1 cancer killer of kids.

That means:

  • More research into early detection, better diagnosis and treatment options
  • More funding to inspire and develop the next generation of brain cancer practitioners
  • More in-home support for families facing this awful disease

All thanks to you!

We’re so excited to welcome back all our regulars and the new faces making brains matter in 2019.

The past six Connor’s Runs have achieved some incredible things. Every year we set another impossible goal, and every year, you smash it.

This year we’re aiming high. Last year, a wonderful 28% of our runners fundraised, imagine what we could do if 33% raised just a few dollars each. One in three is all it takes to make critical projects happen.  

This year your support will:

  • Double Australian kids’ access to clinical trials.
  • Fund world-leading research into immunotherapy treatments for brain cancer at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.
  • Make a real difference to kids facing paediatric brain cancer.

In Connor’s words, thanks for being AWESOME.

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