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With Connor’s Run fast approaching on Sunday September 16 it’s time to stretch those legs and get ready to be as awesome as possible. 

We’ve worked with RCD celebrity ambassador, gold medalist and seventeen-time Australian championship runner, Tamsyn Lewis Manou, to give you the best advice for a great run. 

Tamsyn’s training tips

  • Take it easy. If you’re new to distance running, it’s best to start off slow to get your body used to regular running. Beginners can start off doing less running time and/or at a slower pace for the below training plans. This is important as the gradual increase will decrease likelihood of injury. 
  • Work up the tempo. Once your fitness starts to improve, up the duration, speed and intensity of the below training plans. 
  • Warm up. Start every run with a warm up and stretch. Try 5-10 minutes of light jogging followed by stretches before training. 
  • Cool off. Just as important as a good warm up, warm downs help your body gradually return to normal and prepare your body for future exercise. Finish each training session with a light jog and stretch.
  • Rest up. Rest days are very important. Especially if you’re doing other sport or exercise during the week, be smart and don’t do too much. 
  • Listen to your body. It’s very important to stop if feel any pain for example sore feet, legs or are struggling to breathe.

Tamsyn’s training plans

No #1 - Fartlek

Fartlek, Swedish for ‘speed play’ is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training. Fartlek mixes periods of fast running or jogging with periods of slower running or striding, depending on your fitness level.

10-minute fartlek – intermix 20 seconds striding with 40 seconds jog OR keep count with your steps – 40 steps striding then 100 steps jogging. 

No #2 – Interval efforts 

Complete 6 x 2-minute efforts with 1-2 minutes of rest in-between. Efforts = running at a comfortable, quicker pace. 

Beginners start with 6 x 1-minute efforts with 2 minutes rest between.

No #3 – Oval runs

Divide an oval into quarters – jog the first quarter, stride the second quarter, jog the third quarter, then stride the final quarter – repeating for five full laps of the oval. Rest for four minutes, then complete four more laps.  Rest for two minutes then complete a final two laps.

Beginners can throw in a walk for a quarter when they need to or do fewer laps e.g. 3, then 2 then 1. 

No #4 – the countdown 

5 minutes on, 2 minutes rest 

4 minutes on, 2 minutes rest 

3 minutes on, 2 minutes rest 

2 minutes on, 1 minutes rest 

1 minutes on, 30 seconds rest 

30 seconds on. 

On = a comfortable, relaxed quicker than jog pace. 

Beginners can jog at a slower pace and for less time. As fitness increase, pick up the pace up of the ‘on’.

No #5 - Hills 

Find a hill with a nice, steady gradient along the beach or in a park and practice holding good form whilst running up them. E.g. arms coming through by side, feet landing underneath body, staying tall and trying to be light across the ground. No heavy landing.

Aim for a hill between 80-150 metres long. If only 80m try to do quicker runs focusing on turnover. If closer to 150m concentrate on holding form when you get tired towards the end of the hill. 

Walk back down as recovery and choose your repetitions based on fitness level. No more than 10. These sessions can be tough so it’s extra important to listen to body and not be afraid to take days off. 

No #6 – Gentle runs

Mix the above sessions up with nice, gentle runs between 20-60minutes depending on your fitness level. If you haven’t run before keep it to 20 minutes. 

Recovery Sessions

  • Jog to beach, legs in water for 5-10min, jog/walk back.
  • At any oval, walk the bend and jog the straight (long) side. Try for 10 laps but keep a relaxed pace.
  • Warm up, stretch. Then complete 2 x 5 runs at a nice gentle relaxed pace. Between sets just walk a lap.
  • Easy jog/walk beach circuit
  • Warm up and stretch. Then complete 5 x 200 metres at a nice gentle relaxed pace with walk a lap between at a gentle, relaxed tempo.

Good luck!

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