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Every year there’s a truckload of work that goes into designing the perfect Connor’s Run theme.

Our participants, volunteers and sponsors put so much work and passion into making Connor’s Run the fun and exiting event it is, we want to ensure the theme matches your passion!

This year we wanted to capture the spirit of our community and the diversity of people who make Connor’s Run possible – from our on-course cheerleaders, to our participants, musical talent and volunteers – none of it would be possible without all of you.

We hope you love the theme as much as we do, and that your 2018 Connor’s Run is even more Fun than Run.


Theme: Billy Gibney

Video Creative: Alexander Paul Ward

Music: ‘Ready To Go’ by Simon Gribbe (with thanks to our friends at Epidemic Sound)

Website Design: Lisa Morellini from Pixo Melbourne

Website Development: PIXO Melbourne

Copywriter: Tailah Warr

Creative Direction: Marek Wolski

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