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I didn't know Connor but I know his father Scott. When he told me the story of Connor I knew I had to get involved in this course. The heartbreaking story of Connor's struggle with brain cancer is something we have to change for the future.
I have been raising funds for prostate cancer research for the last few years because of my struggle with that disease. And I have personally benefitted from that research - currently being in remission. But I felt like I wanted to continue to raise funds for a worth cause.
When I heard about Connor's story I knew immediately I wanted to get involved in this event. I was shocked to learn that brain cancer is the largest killer of children under 18 outside of accidents. I was even more shocked to learn that until recently, there had been few advancements in the treatment of brain cancer for almost 40 years.
The Robert Connor Dawes foundation aims to correct that and has already raised more than $2M for research - and its making a difference. Most of you have children or grand children and i am sure you don't want to see this situation continue. I know you get many requests for donations but please open your hearts and your wallets one more time to fight brain cancer

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Brain Matters

Funds raised go toward the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation’s Brain Matters projects. Our main focus is the world-leading AIM BRAIN PROJECT, an Australian first in personalised diagnosis that improves treatment for young people battling brain cancer.

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The Robert Connor Dawes (RCD) Foundation - In memory of Robert Connor Dawes. We support brain matters in the areas of Research, Care and Development to change the odds in beating brain cancer, the #1 cancer killer of young Australians.


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